Adoption Shows Saturdays PetSmart 
428 Randall Rd S Elgin 11am - 1pm

to save more animals.

Please consider fostering.


We can only save animals we have foster homes costs nothing to foster. All supplies are provided for the animals and support provided to you, the foster family. We are here to answer questions, provide information, and help you through the experience of fostering. Can you help us? We can rescue cats and dogs and other small animals if we have foster homes. Please consider helping to save a life. 

Fostering animals is so rewarding. To know you helped save a life and then get to help them find their forever home is a beautiful experience. Please go to and complete the foster application today.

Adoption Shows - PetSmart - Every Saturday
428 Randall Rd South Elgin 11am - 1pm

Come see our available animals at the adoption shows.

How can you help?

Volunteering with SAIN rescue is a compassionate way to make a positive impact on the lives of animals in need. By offering your time and skills, you can help with tasks such as feeding, walking, and socializing animals, as well as assisting in administrative and outreach efforts. Your contributions can extend even further by making financial donations, which provide essential resources for medical care, shelter, and food. If you're ready to offer a forever home, adopting an animal from a rescue not only transforms their life but enriches yours as well. Additionally, fostering animals temporarily can be a crucial lifeline, providing a safe and nurturing environment for animals on their journey to finding permanent homes. Whether through volunteering, donating, adopting, or fostering, every action you take supports the tireless work of animal rescue organizations and creates a brighter future for animals in need.





Fostering and Adopting from an Animal Rescue

What is fostering?

Fostering an animal refers to providing a temporary home and care for an animal until a permanent adoptive family can be found. It involves opening your heart and your home to an animal in need, offering them a safe and loving environment. Fostering plays a crucial role in the animal rescue community, as it helps alleviate overcrowding in shelters and gives animals a chance to thrive outside of a shelter environment and in a home.


When you foster an animal, you become their temporary caregiver, responsible for their basic needs such as food, water, exercise and shelter, as well as their emotional well-being. You may need to administer medication, provide socialization, work on basic training like sit, stay, etc..., and ensure they receive veterinary care approved by the Rescue. Fostering allows animals to heal from physical or emotional trauma, gain confidence, and learn valuable life skills, making them more adoptable in the long run. All approved veterinary care, food, and necessary supplies are provided by SAIN Rescue for our animals.

Why Adopt from an Animal Rescue?

There is no replacement for good, loving care for the animals in a home. Fosters and Adopters are needed. Kill shelters and local animal control facilities are full of adoptable animals. SAIN Rescue helps by partnering with local animal controls and kill shelters to pull these animals and find them loving forever homes. Adopt Don't Shop. Buying from a pet store only helps perpetuate the puppy mill industry where money is most important, and the animals are treated inhumanely.

Available Dogs

Adam, 4 year old, miniature pinscher/chihuahua, male, has all vaccines, micro-chipped, and neutered. He is 11 lbs of pure joy. He quickly got alone with the dogs in my home. Adam is great with adults and kids of all ages and dogs. He is interested in cats but doesn't have a mean bone in his body. Adam loves to run and sniff around in the yard. He loves his walks. Adam is probably one of the best "canine snugglers" I have had in my home. He appears housetrained. He is gated into the kitchen with my other dogs or left to roam the house when I am gone. He will be at the adoption shows until he finds his forever home. Please go to and complete an application if you are interested in Adam.



PRINCESS, 2 year old beagle/chihuahua mix, about 20 lbs but a little overweight. UTD on vaccines, HW negative, spay surgery scheduled for Wednesday.  Sweet personality; introductions to other foster dogs smaller than her went easy and all get along. More information to follow as we get to know this sweet girl.  Please go to and complete an application if you are interested in Princess.




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